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At Newcastle Panel Beaters we offer a wide variety of products.
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tonneau KING Covers

Every Bakkie (LDV) should have one.  It shows your style.  The new fashion dictates you wear your suit without a tie.  Take off the Canopy and store it for when you take the dogs out for a run.  Get your tonneau KING cover now!

  • No fitment holes drilled
  • Product can be delivered Country Wide
  • Self installation in minutes

Order your's now! - ( payment instructions will be e-mailed.

Levelling Kits

Does your Bakkie (LDV) look like it's going down hill when you drive up hill?  Come see us to set you straight! This does a lot for your vehicle's self esteem.  Since the installation my Bakkie (LDV) has been driving around with its nose in the air.

Levelling Kits for Toyota models, Ford Ranger, Isuzu KB and Nissan Navara.  

Call us to find out if we can help you LOOK UP to a better ride.

Bundu Gear Bumpers & Bull Bars

They say - "leave your bakkie (LDV) as it was bought" but they cut their hair and do their nails.  How can you listen to such a person for advice when it comes to your bakkie (LDV) ?

We fit and colour code custom made bull bars and tow bars. We are agents for Bundu Gear Bull Bars and Bumpers. We also order from all major suppliers.

Fine Tune Your Look

Let us fine tune your look according to your unique taste. We offer a huge variety of paint colours and styles. 

Let us know what you want and we will deliver!